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Got a couple of messages in my inbox requesting I’d make prints of these to sell. Would this be something you guys be interested in? If so i’d be more than happy to oblige! 

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Assignment done for my mentor class. My mentor asked me to create a series of 3 cover illustrations for a collector’s edition DVD box-set of the American Horror Story trilogy. I wanted to pull out certain important elements of each season and give it my own interpretation while also keeping it abstract. 

Also shout out to Ruben Ireland, an incredibly talented artist who was awesome enough to be my mentor and give me such a fun project to illustrate!  

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Feast your eyes on the exquisite work of our Fan Artist for tonight’s episode, “Hassun,” andrea-granados!

Hey guys! Check out my submission for tonights Episode “Hassun” An entire weekend spent working on this piece and I’m very happy with the final result.
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Do you sell your paintings? Or do commissions? Your work is gorgeous....

Asked by widowofroses

Thank you! At the moment I’m not doing either of those things only because I’m loaded with a staggering amount of projects for this semester, but I can definitely tell you I will be taking commissions sometime around the end of May or early June. I’ll be making an announcement on that if it does indeed happen :)

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Congratulations on winning the Hannibal art contest!!!!!!!!!

Asked by mosstail-1

Thank you!

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Excited to announce that I was picked as one of the winners for the Hannibal Did This Contest. Wow I’m speechless! Thank you NBC Hannibal!

Click to see the piece I submitted.

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